Dave's American Clocks

Here is a "virtual museum" containing the bulk of my collection of old and antique American clocks. These clocks are not for sale -- I just wanted to share them with other clock enthusiasts and the curious.

The category titles on this page are links to thumbnail photographs and more detailed descriptions. The descriptions contain the sorts of details about condition and history that collectors find interesting -- I hope you find the interesting and informative, too. Click on the thumbnails for more detailed pictures.

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I am a member of the National Association of Watch and clock collectors (NAWCC), and I certainly encourage others who are interested in old clocks (or watches) to join this organization. They're located on the web at http://www.nawcc.org. Their address is:

514 Poplar St.
Columbia, PA 17512-2130



Due to the strenuous demands of running my own business (Prestige Clock Repair), and the increase in traffic to this site, I am simply unable to answer questions regarding specific clocks, yours or mine. If you have a suggestion for a question that would be a good addition to my Frequently Asked Questions page, you are welcome to email me at davew [at sign] prestigeclockrepair.com . (I'm really sorry about having to remove a direct email link, but the spammers have made my email life miserable, so thank them for the fact that you'll have to enter my email address manually.)


Enjoy Your Visit!


Ansonia "Pompeii"
Ansonia "Rosalind"
Ansonia "Italy"
Gilbert "Curfew"
Kroeber "Versailles"
Waterbury "Durant"


Ansonia "Triumph"
Kroeber "Vixen"
Ansonia "Ada"
Atkins "Doric"
An H.J. Davies iron front
New Haven "Round Gothic"
Ansonia "Cottage Extra"
Gilbert "Pelion"


Ansonia "Macbeth" (statue clock)
Gilbert "Beatrice" (statue clock)
Ansonia "Florentine" (plush clock)
Waterbury "Juno" (iron front)


Ansonia "Sonia 1"
Ansonia "Sonia 3"
Ansonia "Detroit"
Ansonia "Dayton"
New Haven "Harmoniste"


An Ansonia green onyx
A Waterbury green onyx
Ansonia "Albany"
Ansonia "Alvira"
An Ansonia black & red

Crystal Regulators

Waterbury "Calais"
Ansonia "Dorval"
Waterbury "Toulon"
Ansonia "Radiant"


Ansonia "General"
Ansonia "Habana"
Ansonia "Drop Octagon ,calendar"
New Haven "Whitney"
Ansonia "Queen Elizabeth"
Sessions "York" Banjo
Welch English drop
Ansonia "Summit"
New Haven "Wood Lever"

Shelf / Cabinet

New Haven "Peale"
New Haven "Abbey"
Ansonia "Pylon"
Ansonia "Turkey"
Ansonia "Cabinet A"
A Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime"
Seth Thomas "Belmont #3"
Seth Thomas "Progress" (alarm)
Kroeber "Cabinet No. 61"


Seth Thomas "Gilt Column" and O.G.
Seth Thomas Column, Weight
Chauncey Jerome 3-weight OG
Waterbury "Doric"
Upson Bros. inlaid iron gothic
New Haven small O.O.G.
R&I Atkins column & splat
Waterbury "Square Rose"


Two Ansonia Brass & Copper Co.
Two Jerome & Co.

Lever Movements

Ansonia "Chic"
Ansonia "Carriage Extra"
Ansonia "Peep-O-Day Carriage"
Ansonia "Comet"
Ansonia "Apex"

Two New Haven statues w/lamps (!)
A mineral-case boudoir clock

"Dollar" pocket watches

My Grandfather's Clock

Clockwork phonograph

Various things I'm looking for

Frequently Asked Questions