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Clock Troubleshooter

Your clock doesn't chime at all.

Chances are, your clock is in need of an overhaul. When the oil in the movement dries out, it may continue to run and either the chime or the strike will stop first. Take the clock to a qualified repairperson.

If your clock has been recently serviced, it may be that the mechanism has become hung up or some internal part had been bent or put out of alignment. You may be able to coax the chime train to start up again by first turning the minute hand to just past the hour, then wiggling or gently turning the "music box" drum by hand. If this does not accomplish anything, or if it chimes successfully but hangs up again later, take it to a qualified repairperson for adjustment.



Prestige Clock Repair

Bluff Heights (near 4th and Junipero)
Long Beach, CA 90814
(714) 898-CLOCK

Open by appointment only, Tuesday through Saturday.
Please call to arrange your appointment. Exact address
and directions will be provided during the appointment process.

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