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Clock Troubleshooter

Your chime melody is too fast or too slow.

If it's too slow, the most common cause is that the movement is in need of an overhaul. The oil in the movement is starting to get gummed up and instead of lubricating the gear train, it's adding drag. Take your clock to a qualified repairperson.

If it's too fast, it may be that the governor fan which regulates the speed of the chime gear train has become loose on its shaft. A qualified repairperson should be able to tighten this. Do not attempt to affix the fan to the shaft with any kind of adhesive or solder! These fans are designed to slip a little -- yours is just slipping too much.



Prestige Clock Repair

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Long Beach, CA 90814
(714) 898-CLOCK

Open by appointment only, Tuesday through Saturday.
Please call to arrange your appointment. Exact address
and directions will be provided during the appointment process.

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