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Warranty and Terms

Limited Warranty

Overhauled metal clock movements are warranted to perform for a period of one year from date of completion of work without defects of material or workmanship with the following exceptions:

  • Breakage of any springs, weight cables or chains, and damage caused thereby;
  • Evidence of tampering or alteration to the work performed by Prestige Clock Repair.

Partial repairs are warranted for one year only to the extent of the work performed. Exceptions above apply.

No performance or durability warranty is made for wooden clock movements or parts.

Service charges for unauthorized repairs will not be paid by Prestige Clock Repair. Prestige Clock Repair cannot be held liable for damages not directly connected to the work it performs.


  1. Anyone submitting a clock to Prestige Clock Repair alleges to be the owner or authorized agent of the owner of the clock and releases Prestige Clock Repair from any liability for said clock except as agreed by these terms.
  2. Cost estimates are good faith estimates based on initial examination of the clock upon receipt, and Prestige's standard pricing for typical services. If additional work is required which would add 15% or more to the original estimate, Prestige Clock Repair will obtain approval for the additional charges before the work is done.
  3. Delivery estimates are good-faith estimates based on the lead times in the shop at the time the work is submitted. Prestige Clock Repair cannot be responsible for unforeseen delays. A 50% rush charge may be applied to work needed sooner than the standard turnaround quoted at the time of submission.
  4. Unless previous arrangements are made, full payment is due upon completion of work. The clock may be retained by Prestige Clock Repair pending full payment.
  5. Clocks which remain unclaimed longer than 30 days past the notification of completion of work are subject to storage fees. These fees are: Mantel or shelf clocks -- $6.00 per month or any portion of a month; Wall and grandfather clocks -- $10 per month or any portion of a month.
  6. Pursuant to California law, in the event any charges remain unpaid 1 year following the completion of the work, Prestige Clock Repair may, but is not obligated to, sell the clock at public or private sale.
  7. In the even of non-payment, the customer shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees.
  8. Prestige Clock Repair nor its agents accept any liability for loss or damage to the receipted clock or articles resulting from shipment, transportation, fire, theft, or any other cause beyond its control. In no event will Prestige Clock Repair's liability exceed the current replacement value of the item.

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