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Clock Troubleshooter

Congratulations! Your clock had been serviced.

Not everyone takes such good care of their clocks. Here's one thing to check, especially if the clock has been moved or it has taken a jolt of some kind recently. Clocks must be run "in beat." That is, the tick and tock must be evenly spaced in time -- you should be able to dance to it.

If your clock is "limping," it must be put back into beat. Many modern clocks, especially grandfather clocks, have an automatic beat adjuster. To use it, pull the pendulum all the way over to one side of the case and release it. When the swing settles into a normal arc, the clock should be in beat. If your clock doesn't have this feature, you will probably want to take it to a clock repairperson for this simple adjustment.

If your clock is in beat and it still doesn't run, there's something else going on. It could be that the springs have either broken or become weak ("set"), or some part is excessively worn. You'll need to take it in for service.


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