"The Hawthorne"

Model: "The Hawthorne"
Built: c. 1915
Case: Mahogany

During my travels, I had been watching for a nice phonograph. This beautiful piece had been nicely refinished, but it needed some mechanical work when I bought it. The turntable is powered by two large mainsprings and is wound with the crank on the right side. There is a speed control dial which, using the instruments in my home, I've determined is about 6 RPM too fast -- setting it at 72 RPM yields accurate pitch on 78 RPM recordings. Behind the front grille, there's a gorgeous spruce horn. Spruce is the preferred wood for guitar and violin tops, and the spruce they used in The Hawthorne has a desirable even grain. There's even a volume control (remember, there are no electronics in this phonograph)! It's a baffle, controlled by a knob and shaft that protrude from the right side behind the crank. When you pull the knob out, the baffle partially blocks the sound waves coming from the diaphragm.


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